CSR / CSR programmes at Vilmorin Garden



CSR programmes at Vilmorin Garden


Area: Participative style in management and internal communication


An employee with initiative

We value the initiative of our employees. Everyone who points out potential real saving areas or improvements to our operations will be rewarded. We listen to the ideas of our personnel as there is no one who will better tell us what to do to achieve competitive advantage.


Area: Ecology


We are organic

BIO seeds come from organic farms where they are produced in line with EU requirements. When parent plants grow, no crop protection chemicals or artificial fertilisers are used. This is because the parent plants for Bio seeds are varieties naturally resistant or tolerant to diseases and pests. This results in healthy vegetables that are free from artificial substances that may cause diseases and allergies. BIO seeds are a perfect solution for those who want to live healthy and grow healthy and tasty plants in their garden without using unnecessary chemicals. Compliance of the production with the principles of organic farming is verified by Agro Bio Test sp. z o.o. certification body. We are systematically expanding the share of Bio seeds in our range of products. Currently, 11% of our Premium products are Bio seeds.


Organic exposure

Starting from season 2014/2015, we are introducing a pilot sales programme for goods on stands prepared from wooden pallets. They are fully reusable and recyclable. At the beginning, we are going to sell biodegradable nonwoven fabric at the stands.


Bag it in – recycle it

All bags used for packaging our seeds are 100% recyclable and it only depends on us whether we will see them again recycled. We do believe it happens!


Industrial waste recycling programme

Our enterprise participates in a selective waste collection programme. All waste that leave our premises is segregated and ready for further processing. Last year we utilised…….. tonnes of waste paper, ……. tonnes of plastics and……….. tonnes of scrap metal.


Segregating office waste

As we strictly follow industrial waste recycling standards, we decided to go the extra mile with office waste management. Our litter bins at the desks are for paper only and we sort other types of waste in the kitchen.


Area: Social responsibility


We support local communities

We cooperate with local organisations which support the development of ecology and gardening. We are convinced that cooperation with local communities brings mutual benefits. We are happy to endorse local initiatives and observe human relationships grow thanks to our seeds. We would like to encourage public benefit organisations with a focus on gardening knowledge to cooperate with us. So far, we had the pleasure to cooperate with the following organisations:

Kolektyw Kąpielisko (Lido Cooperative) – an open initiative where citizens aimed to co-create a community garden at a former summer lido site. The activity of Kolektyw focuses on creating a community garden which would enable safe planting of the citizens’ own organic vegetables and herbs. https://www.facebook.com/kolektywkapielisko?fref=ts

Ogród Łazarz (Lazarus Garden) – within the project, citizens of Łazarz estate developed a common area – a small garden together with students from the School of Form and Poznań University of Life Sciences supported by sociologists, anthropologists, local activists and leaders. An experiment in arable farming – of fruit, vegetables or flowers – enables to establish relations, and signals the process that leads from growing crops to participation.


Generator Malta (Malta Generator) – is a social project focusing on the local community and carried out by Malta Festival Poznań since 2013. Generator invites to act together, be together and ask questions about the surrounding reality through participation in artistic projects, fun and public debate.




We help young landscape architects grow...


We are the partner of Slow Park Projekt. It is a nationwide design competition for university students of the faculties of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture. The main purpose of the competition is to promote sustainable design. A design of an urban lawn as a modern and promising alternative for city gardening. It presents a challenge for young architects and gardeners. It is bound to break stereotypes in viewing and designing green public areas. The winning projects of revitalisation of a selected urban space, created by university students from the faculties of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture will be executed together with the Urban Green Space Management Authority in Poznań.


We work for charity

All employees may volunteer to work one hour a year for a good cause. Every year, we select the goal we would like to support and allocate the equivalent of one hour’s work towards that goal.


We sow the seeds of knowledge

We share our knowledge and experience. We believe that this is one of the ways to develop the market and contribute to the growth of our business partners. Since September 2013, we have been implementing a training and advisory project for around 80 our contractors. The purpose of our activities is to strengthen the quality of enterprise management process and human resources through exchange of experiences and coaching. Almost all our sales department is engaged in this project. For more information, check the Siewca Wiedzy project website at:



Area: external communication

Find out more about our activities regarding corporate social responsibility on our Facebook page.


Area: Health and safety



There is nothing more valuable than health. Each of our employees can participate in health insurance provided by Medicover. Everyone has access to identical full medical package. There are 24 specialists at our disposal and an extensive package of 240 various types of examinations and outpatient procedures in more than 600 clinics throughout Poland! The scope of medical services is equal for everyone. This is because the health of every individual is equally important. We also value the health of families of our employees and offer them the possibility to purchase a medical package for family members at very competitive prices.


Social support

Our employees are offered a wide range of social support. Every year, we allocate almost the maximum amount allowed by the law on contributions to the Employee Benefit Fund. We support our employees financially in organising their holidays and co-fund their children’s holidays. We are aware that the school starter kit is a serious challenge and therefore every year before school starts we provide financial support to employees who need it. We facilitate personal development by co-financing tickets to cultural, sports or recreational events. We maintain a fixed reserve in the Employee Benefit Fund for random events in our employees’ lives in order to be able to support them when they need it.



Since 2007, we have been working in a modern office and warehouse complex. We use more and more advanced equipment which is subject to regular technical controls. We are constantly investing in our machine park and logistics infrastructure.

This is the reason we have a marginal level of accidents at work and a low number of working days lost due to illnesses or accidents, but above all, it makes us feel safe at work.